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Bloody Delicious Bangers

Authentic British Styled Butchery & Bakery products

We use recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, along with locally sourced ingredients, to create a delicious taste of the UK in every bite!

Steak Pie made by The British Grocer

Steak Pies

Our range of quality handmade pies aren’t processed, they’re hand crafted by our own staff. Using locally sourced quality ingredients our chefs and pie makers carry on the British Grocer’s traditional methods of pie making. The pie fillings are slow cooked to maximise flavour and then encased in our signature top and bottom pastry. All of our fillings are cooked from scratch using raw ingredients and our meat fillings are simmered and marinated for hours to enrich the flavour of the natural gravy. Our chefs constantly taste these throughout the day to ensure they are just right.


Chicken Pies

We take pride in all the pies we produce in house. Our chicken pies are packed with tender chunks of chicken in a delicious savory gravy.

Just like grandma used to make!

Assembly and Finishing

All of our pies are hand assembled in foil dishes. Our pies are hand filled to the top with tasty pie filling so each one is packed full of flavour and satisfaction.

Scotch Pies

Bakery Items

Each and every product that is made in our kitchen is hand made with love!

The best part of the job is sampling the products every week for lunch

Cooking Advice for Bakery Products

We make sure that all our bakery products are fully cooked before packaging them. 

This means that you only have to reheat the products following the instructions on the packet & make sure the product is 170F throughout. 

Oven times may vary depending on age / power / style of oven. 

Our Pork pies have cooking instructions but these are typically served cold!

Our range of butchery items, all produced in house by our experienced team.

Wood Panel




Pigs in Blankets

Pork Sausage wrapped in bacon!! 

These are made every year in November. In 2022 we made a honey glazed version which was very popular


Old Country Banger

This herby sausage is perfect for adding to your stuffing mix or to have with mash for dinner.

Pork Sausage meat with a perfect balance of Garlic, Onion, Rosemary & Thyme.


Full English Banger

Pork Sausage with bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans & black pudding, all in a sausage. Sounds crazy but you won't be disappointed!


Welsh Dragon Bangers

Our Welsh Dragon Bangers are made with Pork Sausage Meat with just the right amount of leeks & a hint of FIERY chili.

British Grocer - A brand you can trust

HACCP & GMP Certified


Food Safety is our number one priority.

In 2022 we became HACCP & GMP Certified which means our products go through many verifications to ensure that every products is top notch!

We insepct every ingredient, we monitor every aspect of the process from start to finish, we even metal detect & microbiologically test our products on a regular basis so every product is as perfect as the last!

OMAFRA Certified


Since we bought the business in 2014, we have maintained our OMAFRA License (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs). This is the highest license you can obtain on Ontario. We pass our weekly health inspections & yearly audits with ease.

Holding this license means we are allowed to produce Blood Pudding & Haggis the traditional way. It also means that every product of ours that has this symbol above is high quality & has high food safety.

We are always looking for new customers to supply to

Our customers

We manufacture and supply to the retail and wholesale market. Our wholesale customers include restaurants, pubs, caterers, sports clubs, Scottish rites clubs, retail stores, big box stores &  food wholesalers.


Our handmade pies are available on a wholesale basis. 
Using a combination of our own delivery network and specially selected frozen distribution carriers, we can offer a deliver service that ships across Ontario. Our quality handmade pies are suitable for food businesses of all types. Supplied either frozen/unbaked or frozen/baked to suit all kitchens.


Do you want to carry our products or know a business who should?

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